Back in Time: When cars could park in Market Square

Market Square, Aylesbury, 1961
Market Square, Aylesbury, 1961

Aylesbury’s Market Square in 1961.

Local amatuer photographer John Sale took this photograph on a day when there was no market.

On those particular days the centre of Market Square was used as a car park.

What an interesting variety of cars there are.

Behind them we see thata couple of buildings had just been demolished, leaving a large gap between Midland Bank and Ashford’s the chemist.

Only a few months after this was done Percy Black’s building on the right was deemed unsafe so that too had to come down.

Sadly this couldn’t be done without damaging Ashford’s so in the end the whole lot went.

Modern square blocks were built in their place, leaving this part of the square looking rather bland compared to other buildings nearby.

Ashford’s moved across the square for a short time while Percy Black moved to Temple Street.

Black also had an auction room in Buckingham Street next to where Sainsbury’s is today.