Back in Time: So many lost buildings in Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street, Aylesbury, 1958Bourbon Street, Aylesbury, 1958
Bourbon Street, Aylesbury, 1958
In the late 1950s plans were being prepared for the remodelling of a large area of Aylesbury town centre.

A new shopping centre, bus station, library and county council offices were proposed, as well as an inner ring road.

The main development zone for the shopping centre was Great Western Street, Walton Street, Silver Street, Friarage Road, Silver Lane and Bourbon Street.

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Some of those thoroughfares would vanish forever whereas the ones left behind would be significantly altered.

Pictured here is Bourbon Street in February 1958 and it shows all the buildings on the south side that were later demolished to make way for Friars Square shopping centre.

At the end of the street are the Public Baths.

This building had been empty for a few years and was demolished months later.

The white building to its left is where the old fire station was before moving to Cambridge Street.

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