Back in Time: Rising Sun reduced to rubble during 1960s

Rising Sun, Castle Street, Aylesbury, 1956
Rising Sun, Castle Street, Aylesbury, 1956

One of the many Aylesbury buildings to be demolished in the 1960s was the Rising Sun pub.

It stood at the bottom of Castle Street, facing what was then called Oxford Road.

This view from February 1956 is a wonderful night-time scene after a light dusting of snow had fallen.

It conjours up romantic images of sitting in front of a roaring fire in a warm and cosy bar while outside it’s freezing cold.

The old building looked like a typical olde worlde pub with its various architectural details that had been added over the centuries.

Today the dual carriageway of Friarage Road goes through the site and it’s likely that most people don’t give any thought to what was once there while they’re speeding past Castle Street.