Back in Time: Our oldest picture of town’s Market Square

Market Square, Aylesbury, 1850s
Market Square, Aylesbury, 1850s

This is the oldest view of Market Square to be featured on Back in Time and the photograph can be dated to some time between 1853 and 1858.

The reason is because in those days the inn signs had the name of the licensee on them.

The Green Man on the right has the name of Henry Copcutt on its sign.

He was landlord of that inn between the years 1853-58.

Also visible are some other projecting signs which are the Oxford Arms, which was closed and demolished in 1866, and the Bulls Head which was set back from the square.

On the left are a group of buildings that occupied the central area of the square.

At the top end of them was Aylesbury’s Market House with its clock and bell tower.

All of the central buildings were demolished in 1866 to leave the square clear for the first time in centuries.

The clock mechanism was put in storage for a few years and was refurbished and used in the present Clock Tower.

The old mechanism has long since gone as the clock is now powered by electric.