Back in Time: Only Greek Taverna building survives in lost view of Aylesbury

Walton Street, Aylesbury, 1957
Walton Street, Aylesbury, 1957

Another fascinating photograph from the archives of the Bucks Herald.

This is Walton Street in about 1957.

The photographer took this shot from the first floor window of the Copper Kettle tea room which was right next to Bear Brook.

It shows a building being demolished on the left.

This was in preparation for the first phase of road widening - not for the dual carriageway, that happened over a decade later.

The white building in the centre, called the Old House, lost some of its front entrance as the pavement was moved back a few feet.

In the 1960s this area was changed beyond recognition as the roundabout went in, together with the new County Offices and Friars 

Only one building survives intact from this view and that is the one to the right of the car with the iron brace on the side wall.

It is the Greek Taverna restaurant now.

The Old County Offices and Police HQ haven’t survived intact as both have since lost parts of their structures.