Back in Time: Market Square from a different perspective

Market Square, Aylesbury, pictured in the 1920s
Market Square, Aylesbury, pictured in the 1920s

The sight of the John Hampden statue and war memorial help to identify where this is.

This is, of course, Aylesbury’s Market Square as it looked in the 1920s.

Plenty has changed since those days.

Most of the buildings seen here have been demolished and replaced by newer ones.

The large brick building on the left was the George Hotel which closed in 1921.

It then became the headquarters for the Bucks Yeomanry.

In 1935 the building was demolished and Burton’s menswear was built inits place.

Next is Lloyds Bank, still there today. We then come to acouple of large warehouses and a shop on the end, all belonging to Bradford’s ironmongers.

The Hampden statue was moved to its present location in 1989 when the top of the High Street was pedestrianised and a seating area was created around the statues.

The original Round House can be seen which was then home to Sainsbury the tailor – nothing to do with the supermarket chain.

The Crown Hotel on the right was demolished in the late 1930s to make way for shops.