Back in Time: Is this Aylesbury’s golden era?

Aylesbury High Street pictured in the 1950s
Aylesbury High Street pictured in the 1950s

Aylesbury’s High Street in the late 1950s.

This is looking up the street from its junction with Exchange Street.

On the corner is the Chandos Hotel.

It was ideally placed because of its proximity to the railway station which was behind the photographer on the right. Behind the tree in the foreground is the Southern Gas Board. At the rear of the premises were the gas works.

Next is the Co-Op and then Railway Street where Valeries the florist is on the corner.

If you talk to any resident of Aylesbury who has lived in the town for over 50 years this is the period they will hark back to and most will say how it was a lot nicer in those days.

When one looks back at the widespread damage that was done in the 1960s it is easy to understand that sentiment.