Back in Time: History of pond with a few tales to tell...

Walton Pond, Aylesbury
Walton Pond, Aylesbury

Walton Pond in the early 1900s.

This is looking from Walton Road towards Walton Grove (where the police station is today).

At various times in its history tory the pond has nearly been filled in.

This is because questions were raised about its usefulness.

Looking through old newspapers there are many instances of the subject being brought up at committee.

Thankfully they all decided to clean out the pond and maintain it.

In September 1940 this tranquil scene was met with disaster when a parachute mine dropped by a German bomber landed behind the Victorian houses on the left, totally devastating them.

The site was cleared and eventually the Leonard West Home was built there.

In 1949 works were carried out along Walton Road and around the pond to formalise its boundary. Grass verges were planted and a footpath was built.

In the last few years the pond has once again been cleaned out and today looks in good shape.