Back in Time: Harrow is one of our oldest surviving pubs

The Harrow, 1908
The Harrow, 1908

The Harrow in Buckingham Street is one of the oldest established pubs in Aylesbury.

Originally it was smaller than it is today.

In the early 1980s it merged with the Barleycorn pub round the corner in Cambridge Street thus creating a new pub called the Harrow & Barleycorn.

This is how it stayed until the 1990s when a new brewery took over and renamed it the Farmyard & Firkin.

In recent years the original name has been restored.

The photograph shows the pub in 1908 with the Harrow’s landlord William Hooker sitting on the left with his wife Jessie behind him.

With them are Jessie’s parents Thomas and Julia Roadnight.

Thomas was himself an experienced landlord.

At different times he ran many pubs in the town centre and even took over the Harrow after his son-in-law decided to move on.