Back in Time: Friarage Road carved through Rising Sun

Rising Sun, Aylesbury, 1959
Rising Sun, Aylesbury, 1959

In 1959 Aylesbury was a very different place.

It had many quaint narrow lanes and no dual carriageways.

Also there were many more pubs in the town than there are today which is odd, given that the population has increased greatly since 

This pub, the Rising Sun stood at the bottom of Castle Street facing what was then called Oxford Road.

The advertising board for the Odeon cinema next to the pub’s entrance is useful for dating as it shows what film is on at the time. In this case it is The Heart of a Man starring Frankie Vaughan and Anne Heywood.

In 1965 the Rising Sun closed its doors for the last time. Friarage Road carved its way through the pub and beyond to join up with Walton Street and Exchange Street.

To look at the spot now it is very hard to picture this building.

Only the cottages up Castle Street to its left can give some clue as to where it stood.