Back in Time: Frank’s new dog killed by horse and trap in Bicester Road


In 1908 Aylesbury’s Royal Mail service acquired its first motorised delivery van.

As with all motor vehicles a garage was required for maintenance and the supplying of petrol.

Frank Mills, in this case, was the man who set up his own garage for this purpose.

It was situated in Bicester Road, just past the entrance to Northern Road.

The photograph shown here dates from 1909.

We know this because in April that year Frank Mills had plans approved for a motor garage in Bicester Road.

Also a month later his dog, which he had bought three months earlier, was reportedly killed by a horse and trap that was driving along the road.

The driver was distracted by the mail van at the garage and did not see the dog which was lying partly on the grass verge.

By 1910 Mills became a removals contractor and had also started his own bus service to various villages in the area.

Years later in 1925 another member of the Mills family started Keith Garage further up the road.