Back in Time: Car park now stands where quoits thrown

Aylesbury Vale Quoits club, 1920s
Aylesbury Vale Quoits club, 1920s

This is a gathering of the Aylesbury Vale Quoit Club.

The photograph dates from around 1920.

Quoits is a game that goes back centuries andis similar in principle to bowls.

A pin is hammered into soft clay and the competitor has to throw either a horseshoe or an iron ring onto or as near to the pin as possible.

It was a popular game back in the day and in local newspapers there were always notices of important matches.

The Quoit Club was located in Coopers Yard in Buckingham Street.

This small green behind a large barn was where the game was played.

Now this area is a car park.

The club had an annual dinner at the Bulls Head Hotel, another place that has since vanished.

It was difficult to find out when the club was closed.

Maybe someone out there can write in and provide some information.