Back in Time: Cambridge Street (without the retail park, kebab shops and traffic)

Cambridge Street, Aylesbury,in around 1915
Cambridge Street, Aylesbury,in around 1915

We travel back 100 years this week to look at a view of Cambridge Street.

The photographer is stood at about where the junction with Cambridge Close is today, looking towards the Bierton direction.

There are some curious buildings down the lefthand side, all of different styles and dates.

The cobbled entrance where the woman and child are standing led to a large yard belonging to the council.

This was there until recently.

The cottages next to the entrance were later cleared so it could be widened.

On the opposite side of the street are a row of cottages that were deemed unfit for human habitation in 1965 and were all demolished.

That is now the location of the underpass by the Royal Mail sorting office.

Further down the street where it meets Bierton Road are cottages that still exist today.

Cambridge Street has certainly seen a lot of changes over the years. How long will the new buildings last?