Back in Time: Cambridge Street is the backdrop for car advert

Cambridge Street, Aylesbury 1905
Cambridge Street, Aylesbury 1905

This photograph is from an advertising card of Lester & Sons carriage works and coach builders.

It dates from about 1905 and shows a brand new carriage outside St John’s Church in Cambridge Street.

The church is no longer there as it was demolished in 1970.

The number 66 could well be the catalogue entry showing that particular design. Lester & Sons were located at 7, 9 and 22 Britannia Street in Aylesbury.

They first appeared in an advert in the Bucks Herald in June 1892 and would have been in competition with other businesses such as F H Pass in the High Street and Chamberlin & Sons in Buckingham Street.

As cars became more popular businesses like these either evolved into car showrooms and workshops or simply closed for good. Lester vanishes from the newspapers in 1909.

It would be interesting to know what happened to the business. Maybe someone out there could write in and give some details about this.