Back in Time: Businesses lend hand for invasion scenario

Aldershot Force,  1907
Aldershot Force, 1907

In September 1907 the Aldershot Force descended upon South Bucks for their army manoeuvres.

They had set up an invasion scenario and over the course of a week were under intense training.

There were three camps at Aylesbury.

One was somewhere down Buckingham Road, one in fields adjacent to Hartwell House and the other at Prebendal Farm on Oxford Road.

Because of the great number of men involved in these manoeuvres they required lots of food.

Some local businesses gave loaves of bread as well as flour for making them.

Here we can see one of the field bakeries with the bread ovens lined up in a row.

It is impossible to say where exactly this photograph was taken as there are no identifiable features.

What an interesting snapshot of those days it is though.