Back in Time: Baron’s baths made way for Friars Square

Bourbon Street, 1915
Bourbon Street, 1915

This is a view of Bourbon Street taken about 100 years ago.

The photographer is stood at the very end of the street by Rickfords Hill looking up towards Market Street.

Unlike the other side of the street where all the buildings look quite uniform this side had more of a mixture of styles and periods.

Starting on the right there is the Public Swimming Baths that were given to the town in 1895 by Baron Ferdinand Rothschild.

Immediately adjacent is the town fire station. At the rear of this building was a yard where the steam fire engine and horses were kept. It must have been quite cramped.

Next to the station is a bakery run by Eli Flitney.

The house with the door canopy was probably where he lived.

A couple of doors along from there is the offices of the Bucks Advertiser.

In 1960 the baths were demolished and then four years later the rest of that side of the street was cleared to make way for Friars Square Shopping Centre.

What a pity these buildings had to go – they had a lot of character.