Back in Time: An unusual view of town’s Bicester Road

Bicester Road, Aylesbury, 1915
Bicester Road, Aylesbury, 1915

An unusual view of Bicester Road, Aylesbury in about 1915.

It shows a flock of sheep being driven down the road by a couple of men.

They could be on their way to any of the farms nearby, such as Quarrendon House Farm or Church Farm at Quarrendon for instance.

The row of young trees by the white gate on the left is where Keith House stood.

This is where the Mills family lived.

There was a story about them in Back in Time a few weeks ago.

The Hop Pole inn is just visible further up the road in the centre of the picture.

On the right hand side the scenery is very different as it appears to be undeveloped land.

Very soon after this photograph was taken factories were built there, including the short-lived Cubitt car factory.

Now there are houses on that site.