Back in Time: Alfred Rose's gift of playing fields to town

Alfred Rose Park in Aylesbury pictured in 1964Alfred Rose Park in Aylesbury pictured in 1964
Alfred Rose Park in Aylesbury pictured in 1964
In 1941 a large piece of ground known by the name of Crown Leys was donated to the town of Aylesbury by its owner, Alderman Alfred Rose.

This was greatly received by the council as playing fields were always popular - and still are.

Already the town had Hazell’s sports ground, Vale Park and the Recreation Ground in Exchange Street, which has since all but disappeared under concrete and tarmac.

In 1948 Crown Leys was renamed Alfred Rose Park.

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Its former name has been preserved as it is the name of the allotments and residential area immediately adjacent to the park.

This photograph from April 1964 was taken from one of the gardens in Vale Road and looks over towards Dunsham Lane and Elmhurst Road which were then being built.

The neighbouring field had yet to be built on.

This is where Hilton Avenue and Fairfax Crescent would be, including the Dairymaid pub.

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