Back in Time: A Star attraction near railway branch line

Star Hotel, Aylesbury, 1962
Star Hotel, Aylesbury, 1962

In 1839 the first railway branch line in the country opened in Aylesbury.

The station was situated at the end of Railway Street and Station Street.

In the immediate vicinity of the station was the Star Hotel which is seen here photographed in the 1960s.

For many years this area would have been quite busy as the railway was the only one in town until the 1860s when the present station was opened.

Soon after the railway opened some other buildings were constructed nearby, some of which were licensed premises.

The Prince of Wales pub stood opposite the Star and further up Station Street was the Railway Tavern.

Everything from those days has disappeared.

The old station moved to the High Street in 1889 and has since gone, along with the railway track that used to go to Cheddington.

The Star Hotel was demolished in the early 1970s when the land was required for Hampden House.

Station Street has since been built over.

A car park and Wilko occupy its site now.