Back British Farming Day

Today (Wednesday) is Back British Farming Day and the industry is taking root in the capital to reach out to MPs to sign the NFU's Back British Farming pledge.
Backing British farmingBacking British farming
Backing British farming

The NFU has spent the past few months holding meetings around the country to learn what farmers would like in a new domestic agricultural policy following Brexit, and today marks the final consultation event.

The NFU will invite MPs to sign a post-EU referendum Back British Farming pledge and to wear a special edition BBF pin during Prime Minister’s Questions.

NFU deputy president Minette Batters said: “Ultimately, our goal is to put farming in the hearts and minds of government decision makers.”

But farming is about much more than growing food, it is part of a larger food and drink sector including retail, wholesale, manufacturing and catering worth a staggering £108 billion to the UK economy – more than the aeronautical and automotive manufacturing sectors combined – and represents around 3.9 million jobs.

If you are keen to back British farmers there are lots of things you can do. Buy British food whenever possible; check food labels; buy seasonal produce; ask questions when you buy from your local butcher or farm shop; and enjoy the countryside responsibly.