Baby scanner’s year of setting minds at rest

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A baby scanner funded by Buckinghamshire Freemasons has been setting parents’ minds at rest for the past year.

In early 2015, Bucks Freemasons provided the funding for a portable ultrasound and probe unit for Scannappeal, to help support the paediatric orthopaedics department at Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust.

The portable device is used to diagnose and treat babies with developmental dysplasia of hips (DDH),

Twelve months on, consultant paediatric orthopaedic surgeon Jo Hicks has used it to treat and monitor 15 to 20 babies a week in clinics throughout the county.

Jo said: “It has been fantastic having the portable scanner available for the last 12 months. It is lightweight enough for me to take anywhere, the quality of images is excellent, and it is easy to transfer them into the patients’ electronic notes.

“Now that I can scan babies at all my clinics, there is much more flexibility to bring babies in at short notice to a clinic close to them.

“I often use the unit to reassure parents that there is nothing wrong with their little ones, since a picture can be far more powerful than just saying to the mother that everything is fine.”

The Scannappeal charity raises funds to buy life-saving equipment for local hospitals.