Aylesbury to welcome craft beer bar with a selection of 50 gins!

Craftyard, an exciting new craft beer and gin bar is set to open on the 14 July at the site of the former Greek Taverna.

Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 4:03 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:49 pm
Craftyard is run as a family business, with Darrell and his sons Sam and Jamie pictured

They also have a branch in Tring which is celebrating its one year anniversay this month, after an amazing reception from locals.

They will serve 10 cold keg beers from all around the country, carefully selected by one of the owners, Darrell.

Co-owner Sarah-Jayne said: “We originally opened up in Tring as a tasting bar for craft beers and gins, and we try to offer a unique range of anything from Sour beers, to IPA’s and great tasting hoppy beers etc. Even Vanilla and chocolate beers, everything under the sun!”

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“It’s gone really well, initially we didn’t do any advertising, just used social media - we had full time jobs so wanted to ease ourselves in. We didn’t really know what we were getting into.

“Within a couple of weeks word has spread, we’ve had an amazing reception - It’s been overwhelming! We’ve got over 1000 followers on social media, 65 5 star reviews, people have been really kind.”

Sarah also told the Herald that they will stock up to 50 different types of gin, from traditional styles to more advernturous flabours such as Parma Violet, Rhubarb and Clotted cream.

They also will have a large outdoor area and garden.

Sarah added: “We’ve got a fantastic relationship with the customers in Tring, and we hope that the people of Aylesbury will also like what we have to offer.

Sarah, who used to work in public services and Darrell who worked in IT have told us how it will be a family based venture, with their three children Keeley-Jayne, Sam and Jamie all helping out, and Darrell’s sister Vikki doing the graphic design for the bar. Even Sarah’s dad John got involved to help build the inner workings of the bar.

The bar will also have an area where people can hold events, be it birthday parties, work dos Xmas parties or just want a private function.

Sarah added that it could be the unique nature of their business that has proved to be such a hit.

She said: “We like to mix things up, we rotate the beers to keep things interesting, unless of course they are popular and we’ll bring them back in occasionally. I think that’s part of the appeal, people like to try different things and that’s what we offer.”

Talking about the decor, Sarah said: “The plan is going to be similar to the one in Tring, We use scaffold poles and boards to give it an industrial feel.

“It’s a new challenge for us and we can’t wait to get started. Hopefully see you down there!”