Aylesbury Vale Community Chest comes to an end after giving £5m of grants over ten years

Aylesbury Vale Community Chest is coming to an end
Aylesbury Vale Community Chest is coming to an end

The ten years of the Aylesbury Vale Community Chest fund have now come to and end. Over the last decade this project, run by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) and the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, has provided just under 800 grants to voluntary and community groups across Aylesbury Vale, totalling close to £5 million.

There have been over two million beneficiaries reported by the grant recipients. Many of these grants have improved or established community facilities which will continue to benefit local people for years to come.

In the final year alone, £600,000 has been distributed through 99 grants for projects throughout the Vale.

However, the success of the Community Chest would not have been possible without the hard work of the many volunteers who, with the aid of the grant funding, created and enhanced many valuable projects within their local communities.

Andrew Grant, Chief Executive of AVDC, commented: “AVDC has been a proud Community Chest partner over the project’s ten-year period. All good things must come to and end and while we’re sad to see it finish, many of the projects Community Chest helped will continue benefitting the local community for years to come.

"This isn’t the end of funding to community initiatives. We set up the Vale Lottery in November 2015 to help local good causes raise the funding they need to continue their great work. To date the lottery has raised over £70,000. Sign up at www.valelottery.co.uk”.

Matthew Applegate, Chief Executive of the Trust, said: “Through the Community Chest, the Trust and AVDC have contributed to, and enabled, a vast array of projects, facilities and events for the benefit of communities in Aylesbury Vale.

"We have built village halls, sent children on days out and even bought a horse and a dog for animal assisted therapies – all to help people make the most of living here. While it is sad that the initiative has now ended, the impact will be felt long into the future: the Community Chest has helped us create communities for life“.