Aylesbury Vale bin collection days are changing

Bin collections are changingBin collections are changing
Bin collections are changing
By now you may be aware that on Tuesday 7 June 2016 bin collection days in Aylesbury Vale are changing.

With just under a month to go I’d like to give you the latest information on the switch and explain why the change is necessary. 
All residents will receive a letter from AVDC towards the end of May showing your new rubbish, recycling and food waste bins collection days. There are no changes to garden waste collections. Not everyone’s collection day will be changing but to help avoid confusion all residents – except people using communal bins who are not affected - will receive a confirmation letter. 
Everyone’s first collection of the new schedule will be the green rubbish bin. The following week, the blue-lidded recycling bin will be collected. Food bins will still be collected every week alongside the rubbish bin or recycling bin, so please make the most of these collections! 
Enclosed with the letter will be a four-page leaflet saying what to put in each bin. It will also have a calendar showing your new collection dates for June and July, so please keep this as a handy reminder! You can also check the new dates on our website or on the AVDC bin app from Sunday 5 June.
As the Vale’s population grows, the waste collection and disposal service must adapt accordingly. We’ve switched from disposing of waste in landfill to the new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Greatmoor, which will be able to accommodate the extra waste new homes create. This change saves AVDC around £250,000 a year! This money can then be reinvested to improve services. 
A change in waste disposal sites unfortunately means a change in waste collection days, so to ensure the switch is as smooth as possible, please keep a note of your new day! For more information and to find out what goes in each bin, please visit our website.

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