Aylesbury tenant in despair after leaks left her with a £14,000 water bill

Donna Barnard outside her property
Donna Barnard outside her property

An Aylesbury mother has been left furious after she has been forced to fork out £14,000 in water bills, after the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust refused to undertake maintenance on leaks around her home for nearly nine years.

Further to this, Donna Barnard and her young family have been besieged by health problems caused by mould in the property.

Donna has had pleurisy TWICE because of the mould in her house and her kids have suffered from a range of respiratory problems since they moved in during 2008.

She has also suffered from acute health problems such as aggravated asthma, angiodema, inflammation of the lungs and rashes.

Donna said: “Honestly, ever since we moved into the property, the house has been beset with problems.

“I am so concerned about the health of my children, one of which suffers from asthma.

“It took so long before any steps were taken to remove the mould, that me and my children have all suffered from respiratory problems because of the lack of insultation around the property.”

The mould isn’t the only issue with the house, however.

Problems at the property have dated back since 2008, with leaking pipes all around the property racking up huge bills from Thames Water.

Donna has since been told that she cannot be re-reimbursed for nearly £14,000 of bills, as they weren’t made within the 28 day claims period.

The Bucks Herald was shown shocking amounts of mould around the property.

In October 2018 Donna called 999 as she woke up and couldn’t breathe properly as a result of the mould in her home

The doctor diagnosed a course of steroids.

In 2019 Chenai, Donna’s daughter was referred to the doctors after an acute exacerbation of asthma Donna believes was caused by the increasing levels of mould around the property.

The Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust said they would continue to monitor the situation and help where they can.

A spokesperson from Vale Of Aylesbury Housing Trust said: “We have completed works to Miss Barnard’s home to deal with the underlying damp issue and more work is planned, but unfortunately Miss Barnard has refused some of our suggested improvements.

“We know that Miss Barnard has received high water bills and that she has received a partial refund from Thames Water.

“We have offered to contact Thames Water directly to help resolve the issue, but Miss Barnard has declined this offer.

“We will continue working to address the issues which Miss Barnard has raised and we are ready to help in any way we can.”

Donna however, said she will not stop until she has justice and compensation for the astronomical water bills.

“I complained to the Ombudsman and the Citizens Advice Bureau, who said they can only escalate matters if I filed an official complaint.

“I filed the official complaint, but am still waiting on action from both bodies. They have been absolutely useless during the whole process and should be ashamed.”

Donna will continue to fight to get the £14,000 compensation she is owed due to the leaking pipes around the property.

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