Aylesbury’s Morrisons goes contactless

Morrisons Aylesbury
Morrisons Aylesbury

New contactless payment technology has been installed at Morrisons Aylesbury to make shopping trips faster.

Each cashier and self-service payment point within the supermarket is being upgraded to feature a new contactless payment reader.

Customer payments of up to £20 can simply be made by tapping a bank card against the reader pad.

It is estimated that the new payment method will save each customer 10 seconds every time they pay for their shopping.

An average four shopping trips are made each week. The move is expected to reduce customer queues, especially during peak shopping periods.

The contactless payment method is growing in popularity. One-and-a-half million transactions are made every day, and over 58 million contactless-enabled cards are currently in UK circulation.

This figure is predicted to rise sharply in the coming years[i].

Phil Taylor, store general manager at Morrisons Aylesbury said: “All of our store payment points have been upgraded to accept contactless payments. Many of our customers have a card and are already familiar with the technology.

“Contactless payment is simple and convenient to use. It is another way in which we are trying to make shopping trips faster and easier for Aylesbury’s customers.”