Aylesbury pothole repair, 'peels away', just days after being repaired

A shocking new video revealed to the Bucks Herald shows the repaired road surface crumble and fall apart, just days after being repaired.

The video shows the man, who lives on Stephenson close in Aylesbury, peel away the newly laid road surface on what appears to be a freshly laid pothole repair around a drainage grid.

They lambasted the road work, saying it was the work of 'cowboys'.

"The workmanship of the repair was awful. It's making our roads a nightmare!

"One day after it's been 'repaired', its already cracking and pulling up. Absolutely rubbish.

"I would feel guilty for doing such a bad job - who on earth signed this off? It's going to cause more damage and be more expensive to repair. Absolute cowboys!"

Transport for Buckinghamshire said:

"Transport for Buckinghamshire is aware of the video that has been circulated across social media. The video shows an individual peeling a section of curing road treatment material (micro asphalt) that has recently been laid. Had the material been left for a while longer then it is unlikely that it would have been possible to remove any further material in this way.

"The works formed a part of the countywide programme of improvements to the road network involves various types of treatments which are determined by the type and condition of the existing road surface. In the instance cited, Stephenson Close is a residential cul-de-sac with very low traffic movements that required minimal preparatory work before the headline treatment (micro-asphalt) was applied.

"The material was chosen as it improves skid resistance, fills and seals small cracks and, to a certain degree, removes very minor surface irregularity. Once the material has been applied it takes, subject to weather conditions, approximately 30 minutes to harden. It must be noted that this particular treatment requires a significant ‘bedding in’ period, which is assisted by warmer weather and by being trafficked, after which the appearance improves greatly. From the video, we can see the new road surface does appear to be uneven, however this will become more uniform after a few weeks.

"Stephenson Close was one of ten side roads off Fowler Road, Aylesbury, that has recently been treated with this material and now that this activity has been completed, any loose material will be swept up.

"Any ironwork (manhole covers/gully gratings) will be adjusted and any road markings that have been covered by the surfacing will be reinstated. These ancillary activities are generally completed within a four week period after the surfacing has been applied. With reference to the video, the patches that look like bare areas of surfacing are in fact manhole covers that may, subject to further inspection, require adjustment."