Aylesbury police officer who saved life of man hit by train wins bravery award

An Aylesbury police officer who saved the life of a man who was left bleeding ‘catastrophically’ after being hit by a train has won a Thames Valley Police Federation bravery award.

PC Graham Gray arrived at the scene of the accident at Stoke Mandeville train station in February 2018 to find the man still under the train and suffering a life-threatening bleed, having lost his left leg in the collision.

PC Graham Gray - photo by Jason Byet

PC Graham Gray - photo by Jason Byet

The officer, who had only recently passed a medical course, got on to the tracks and got “straight under the train” before administering first aid.

He tied two tourniquets and provided him with oxygen – which were in his police car - to try and help him deal with the huge loss of blood he was suffering.

PC Gray stayed with the man until the ambulance crew arrived and he helped them treat the man and to get him back onto the platform and to hospital.

South Central Ambulance Service’s silver commander said PC Gray saved the man’s life, but for the officer himself, it was just a case of adrenaline taking over and doing the best job he could in horrific circumstances.

Recalling the incident, PC Gray said: "I can’t really remember what was going through my mind when I reached the incident.

“Literally you just put all your training into it.

"The training we get is immense - it’s probably some of the best you can get.

"It was just a case of you do what you do, get under the train and make sure you save his life.”

PC Gray added he was ‘honoured and overwhelmed’ to win a Thames Valley Police Federation bravery award.

He said: “I wasn’t expecting it.

"It’s kind of part and parcel of the job that we do.

"When you take your oath… it’s preservation of life – it’s what you’re trained to do - I feel quite honoured.”

Thames Valley Police Federation chairman Craig O’Leary said PC Gray had displayed exemplary police work and bravery in jumping under the train to save a life.

He said: "We are all incredibly proud of what PC Gray did that day.

"His quick-thinking actions, at what must have been a quite horrific and traumatising scene, epitomises what Thames Valley Police officers are all about.

“He saved this man’s life and very much deserves to win a bravery award.”

PC Gray will pick up his award at a ceremony on Thursday February 28 along with seven other officers from the Thames Valley.

At this ceremony, one of those award winners will go forward for a national police bravery honour.