AYLESBURY MASTERPLAN: No new shops for now

There are plans to link the High Street with Waterside
There are plans to link the High Street with Waterside

Despite phase one not including any provision for new shops, council chiefs have not ruled out including them in future plans.

Planners will gauge the economic climate and interest from store when working on future phases, and factor in any new shops which want to come start up.

As more people turn to the internet to do their shopping, planners want to focus on restaurants, bars and homes for the first stage of the operation.

But it is hoped that bringing more people into the town centre for these things will give existing shops a boost, and encourage more in.

In terms of retail there are plans to:

> Reconfigure Hale Leys Shopping Centre

> Improve the markets

> Encourage new retailers in Market Square

> Investigate a ‘saturation policy’ to limit betting shops and off-licenses in Kingsbury

> Connect the middle of the High Street with the new Waterside North (ie Exchange Street) to help attract new retail investment

> Redevelop Hampden House to provide ‘mixed use retail and residential’