Aylesbury man sentenced to prison after pushing and kicking woman

He will now spend time behind bars after he breached a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO).
He will now spend time behind bars.He will now spend time behind bars.
He will now spend time behind bars.

TVP said they will be clamping down on domestic abusers.

Przemyslaw Lazar, aged 37, of Aylesbury, was issued with the DVPO on 24 February following an incident in which he pushed a woman in the chest and kicked her leg.

The DVPO prevented him from attending a specific address, however checks carried out by Thames Valley Police officers found he had breached this condition on numerous occasions.

Lazar was arrested on 15 March and appeared at High Wycombe Magistrates’ Court the following day where he was given a 35 day custodial sentence.

Detective Chief Inspector Graham Horton, from Aylesbury CID, said: “This case clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of Domestic Violence Protection Orders and the way they can help safeguard victims of domestic abuse.

“By applying a DVPO, any breach becomes a criminal offence meaning Lazar was brought before the court for his actions.

“We are committed to dealing with all reports of domestic abuse, supporting victims and working closely with partner agencies to provide the best possible response.

“Anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse can report it to Thames Valley Police through 999 if they are in immediate danger. If you cannot talk press 55 and we will respond.”