Aylesbury husband thanks donors who helped them live out their dream wedding

Sharon and Shaun
Sharon and Shaun

An Aylesbury couple who lived out their dream wedding thanks to your donations would like to thank everyone who helped celebrate the life of Sharon Berry.

Sharon sadly passed away after a two year battle with cancer at the Florence Nightingale Hospice on the July 23 2019 at the age of 48.

"The most amazing and beautiful day"

"The most amazing and beautiful day"

She leaves behind her two children, Emily, 15, and Alfie, 12.

Sharon's message to everyone was to be strong and carry on.

Shaun and Sharon married at Woburn Safari Park on December 29, 2018.

They both picked the venue as it was the site of their first date.

Kind donations from the people of Aylesbury raised £10,000 which funded 'the most memorable and beautiful day'.

Shaun said: "Sharon was absolutely gorgeous, she was so independent, even while undergoing treatment.

"She was very strong. Our nickname for her was Wonder Woman!

"She took everything in her stride, the treatment, and never ever complained.

"She was always smiling."

Sharon was diagnosed with terminal secondary cancer in September last year.

There were further complications in her condition, after she found out two of her vertebrae had broken and cancer had spread to the liver and bones.

This meant Sharon often had to use a wheelchair, and was in a full body brace to help with her condition.

The family were in a race against time to organise the wedding, as Sharon wanted to be well enough to dance and walk down the aisle.

Shaun said: "We didn't know much time we had. The doctors initially said we had 12 months, so we were trying to get everything in order as soon as possible.

"Sharon was incredibly organised, and planned out not just her dream wedding but also her funeral too.

"She planned all the songs, and even chose the poems for people to read at the ceremony.

"One of them was a Spike Milligan poem, entitled Smiling is Infectious. The other was called the Mountain by an unknown author.

"She showed amazing resilience in the most testing of times and we as a family could not be more proud of her.

Sharon had even made gift bags for the family, containing photos and trinkets by which to remember her.

Following the wedding the family took a holiday to Euro Disney in Paris.

Shaun said he was 'astonished' by the kindness of strangers and the people of Aylesbury Vale.

Shaun said: "So many people came forward to help us, it was very humbling and inspiring.

"Everyone who came forward, thank you so much. It made us feel so welcome. People we didn't know were offering all sorts, cars, suits, flowers and table planners.

"We were honoured people had come together to help.

Shaun was quick to praise the work done by The Florence Nightingale Hospice, who he said were amazing.

"I cant thank them enough. Everybody from the nurses to the people on reception were so welcoming.

"They looked after us so well and they are a credit to Aylesbury.

Sharon documented her journey on Facebook, which you can visit here.

Shaun said the Facebook page helped Sharon enormously, as she could share her experience with people going through cancer treatment and organised coffee mornings to meet people with cancer and discuss the effects of treatment.

She made some very good friends through this page.

Sharon had a humanist funeral, a celebration of her life held at the new Watermead Crematorium.

The wake was at the Spread Eagle, organised by Sharon, with prosecco served on arrival in tribute to Sharon, 'the Prosecco Queen'.

Shaun said to people going through similar circumstances, they must remember to talk and share their feelings.

He said: They have a very good bereavement centre at The Florence Nightingale Hospice.

"You need to talk, to be open. It's vital you don't bottle things up, or keep any secrets. It's better if people know because they come forward and support you.

"It's not good to keep anything bottled up. People will help you, you'd be amazed by the kindness people can show."