Aylesbury housing trust secures injunction against ‘abusive’ resident

Matthew Applegate, chief executive of VAHT
Matthew Applegate, chief executive of VAHT

The Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust has secured an injunction order against a resident following persistent anti-social behaviour.

The trust was awarded an injunction order with power of arrest against a Bardon Green resident following a hearing at Oxford County Court on Friday.

They applied for the order, which is in place for two years, following reports of persistent anti-social behaviour, a series of abusive phonecalls to the trust, and an attempted assault against a trust employee.

The conditions of the injunction prohibit the resident from using foul language and threatening behaviour, or causing nuisance to residents of Bardon Green and trust employees.

Should they breach any of the injunction’s conditions, including by encouraging others to act on their behalf, they risk being arrested and facing a maximum two year prison sentence.

Chief executive of the trust Matthew Applegate said: “I am pleased that the court takes these matters seriously and has awarded this injunction, which aims to keep both residents and employees safe.

“It sends the strongest possible message that we will not tolerate the threat of violence against our staff.

“While we strongly believe everyone has the right to the peaceful enjoyment of their home, equally our employees should be able to go about their duties without the threat of abuse.”