Aylesbury election candidates make final push for votes

Election 2015
Election 2015

Candidates from all five parties bidding to win the Aylesbury parliamentary seat have been making a final push for support this week ahead of tomorrow’s (Thursday’s) general election.

Will Cass (Labour), Steven Lambert (Liberal Democrat), David Lidington (Conservative), David Lyons (Green) and Chris Adams (UKIP) have all been hitting the streets in a bid to win the seat taken by Mr Lidington at the last general election with a majority of more than 12,600.

Mr Lidington said: “I’ve been very encouraged and I think we have been getting a good response and holding on to votes.

“What I have noticed is a picture which I think is fairly consistent with what the national opinion polls are saying.

“Aylesbury is a democracy, and everyone has a right to campaign, but what I’m finding is that people realise that they need to decide whether they want to see Cameron or Miliband at Number 10. And for the first time in years there are serious differences between those two main parties.”

Mr Cass, candidate for the Labour Party, said: “The key issues we are seeing people talk about is the fall in living standards, that is across all age demographics. The NHS is a big issue too, people trust Labour with it. This week is about having conversations with as many people as possible because that is the only way to make politics meaningful.”

Green candidate David Lyons said: “Lots of local issues have come up, but the main one is HS2. There are also parts of Aylesbury where people aren’t saying ‘I’m really poor’ but they know people who are struggling to make ends meet.

“As a protest event we set up a foodbank outside Iain Duncan Smith’s house in Swanbourne. In his government position he has been responsible for grinding people into poverty.

“We are a party of hope, a hope that the government can provide for the common good.”

Liberal Democrat Steven Lambert is standing for the Aylesbury seat for a second time, having polled 28.4% of the vote at the 2010 general election as he came in second to Mr Lidington.

He said: “A lot of people we have spoken to have been quite surprised how little they have seen the Conservatives, it is almost like they have given up. Some people have told us that they have received so much material from UKIP that they feel like they are being spammed, but they have got a lot of support out in the villages.

“I have never counted my chickens, and I don’t think the constituency will have changed that much so quickly, but it would do Aylesbury absolutely no good whatsoever if it was [UKIP’s] Chris Adams.”

Mr Adams, however, said: “We are getting a fantastic response. Everywhere we go door knocking people are saying we have their vote, these are people that haven’t voted for 20 or 30 years. The reaction is completely different from the last general election and you can see it in people’s eyes. It is very uplifting and exciting.

“HS2 and immigration are very big issues. It would be historic to win, but this election is between two people here in Aylesbury and it’s David Lidington and me.”

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