Aylesbury 'covidiots' cause fire after breaking lockdown rules for barbecue with friends

Police not happy after incident last night

Thursday, 7th May 2020, 7:43 am

Police in Aylesbury have criticised a group of 'covidiots' who not only broke strict lockdown rules to have a barbecue with friends on Wednesday evening but also caused a fire in the process.

Officers were on patrol on the Buckingham Park estate after reports of a group of friends having a barbecue in the warm weather near Martin Dalby Way.

The police took to Twitter to highlight the incident after the group disposed of their hot barbecues in a wooded area, causing a fire which required speedy intervention from Bucks Fire and Rescue.

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The fire on Buckingham Park in Aylesbury

"While it’s clear you shouldn’t be out having a bbq with your friends it’s also not a good idea to dispose of hot bbqs into an area where there are trees!" a police spokesman said.

"Thanks to Bucks Fire for their prompt response to Martin Dalby Way last night."