Aylesburian: Why do politicians just want to preach to the converted?

The Aylesburian
The Aylesburian

Very shortly the local election campaigns will start in earnest.

So far it has been quiet in Aylesbury, with little evidence of canvassers from any party, although, nationally, the media has been full of articles about political personalities and their policies. 
In fact by 7th May we will probably be fed up with all the media coverage.

I suppose the biggest news locally was the clandestine visit by the leader of the party whose colour happens to be purple. Why the secrecy? 
I get the impression that all visits by politicians are now choreographed, staged managed and the audience vetted.

It seems politicians would rather preach to the converted than be confronted with embarrassing questions from the public. 
Years ago the leaders of parties would announce they are visiting a constituency, speak from a soap box, get heckled by the opposing party followers and thoroughly enjoy the experience and inter-action, not to say the rough ride.

In Aylesbury there will be three elections on the same day, the Town Council, the District Council and the National.

In some wards people will have up to six or seven votes to make.

I think that in local elections where politics may not play a huge part, it is important for residents to ask themselves if candidates from whichever party can do a good job on behalf of their constituents. 
It is also important that voters know which councils do what. 
For example, I have heard some people blame the district council for the demolition of the old police station, whereas this was the decision of Bucks County Council.

Unfortunately, Bucks County Council is not included in this year’s elections. 
We will get a chance to vote for them in a couple of years time.

Personally, I am looking forward to the campaigns getting under way, but I don’t anticipate big political names turning up out of the blue to address the people of Aylesbury from a soap box in Market Square.