Aylesburian: Predictions and challenges for our election candidates

The Aylesburian
The Aylesburian

Last month I commented that it has been quite quiet in Aylesbury in respect of the forthcoming elections early next month.

I think I may have seen one poster in a window, and one party did have a stall in Market Square promoting their candidate, but very little else has been seen.

As far as Aylesbury is concerned, I think that the status quo will be maintained, with the Liberal Democrats retaining control of the Town Council and the Conservatives the District Council.

As for the national government, I wouldn’t want to place any bets on an outright winner, as I can’t see any one party getting overall control.

After May 7, our councils may have a slightly different complexion, with some old hands retiring and being replaced by new faces.

So what challenges will the new councils face? For Aylesbury Vale District Council the essential task is balancing the books without compromising services. They will also want to ease pressure from developers who appear to want to double the size of the town with publication of the Local Plan a priority.

They will also need to ensure that they make the right decisions with individual planning applications, and not end up with the farce they have created over the two crematoriums.

Waterside North also presents a challenge, firstly in getting it built, and, secondly, finding tenants for the new restaurants. Interest has evidently been expressed, but have definite applications actually been made, or is it all a pipe dream?

Both the Town and District councils also face a challenge from each other. The Town Council wants more assets to add to the cemetery and allotments, but the District Council is understandably apprehensive to hand them over.

Also, of course, the weather impacts on Council’s plans, and presents further. challenges.

For example, just a hint of wind or snow and market stalls are not erected, and events are cancelled.

So let’s hope for good weather on May 7 because that is one event that the councils cannot cancel.