AVDC hit out at new unitary's 'shadow executive', but don't join district council's legal action

AVDC leader Cllr Angela Macpherson
AVDC leader Cllr Angela Macpherson

AVDC Leader has hit out at the 'shadow executive' that is set to oversee the Unitary formation, but has not joined the other district council's in their legal action.

Three of Buckinghamshire's district councils: South Bucks, Wycombe and Chiltern District Council are taking legal action against James Brokenshire's decision to adopt the Buckinghamshire's County Council's preferred unitary model.

They are also unhappy with the transitional 'shadow executive', which will be headed up by Martin Tett, the current leader of Buckinghamshire County Council.

AVDC leader Cllr Angela Macpherson has released the following statement::

“There have been recent reports in local media about the makeup of the shadow executive that will oversee the formation of the new unitary authority.

“The implementation of the new council is currently subject to Judicial Review, initiated by the other three Bucks district councils. Although AVDC is not financially supporting the action, we nevertheless agree with the case they have made and await the outcome with interest.

“In the meantime, whilst we take issue with the way the new authority is being implemented, we accept that there will be a need to appoint AVDC representatives to the shadow executive.

"To end the speculation I can confirm that, as and when that time comes, our nominees will be myself, Cllr Angela Macpherson and my Deputy Leader Cllr Steve Bowles, with Cllr Mark Winn and Cllr Ben Everitt as deputies.”