AVDC finish "Mission Impossible", as the local area plan is submitted

Neil Blake speaking at the meeting
Neil Blake speaking at the meeting

The Aylesbury Vale Local Area draft plan has been approved for public consultation, after a long period of fine tuning since the first draft plan was submitted in 2014.

The draft has been considered by Aylesbury Vale District Council Scrutiny Committee, passed to cabinet for a second look and finally, it has now gained approval by full council last Wednesday.

The document will now be put out to formal public consultation from 2 November to the 14 December.

The Plan will help to accommodate national housing growth demand and bring more investment, employment and opportunity, thus helping the district to thrive. It meets the need for over 27,000 new homes in the Vale by 2033, half of which are either already built or have planning permission.

AVDC are not out of the woods yet, however, as they must prepare a suitable plan in time for the March deadline set by central government.

Cabinet Leader Neil Blake said: “There have been moments where it seemed like a mission impossible, but we’re here at last!”

“The plan makes provision for 29k new homes, and the facilites to support an expanding population”

“This plan is a result of 3 years of evidence gathering and consultation.”

Many Councillors raised concerns and questions about the plan, as it continues to be fine tuned. The main controversies about the plan was the quesitons over RAF Halton - which the Bucks Herald has gone into more detail on page in our feature on 6-7.

Looking forward, the VALP will be submitted for inspection by DCLG Department of communities and Local Government in January, with a view to final approval by the end of 2018.