Author’s first novel has a dark plot and mystery forces of evil

Christian Winship
Christian Winship

An Aylesbury dad who enjoys reading science fiction has penned his first novel.

Christian Winship, who writes under the name of CPM Winship, has just released Unbalanced, a story with a dark plot and mystery forces of evil.

Born in Aylesbury, Christian spent his childhood in Long Marston and has now returned to his home town where he lives with wife Monika and daughter Lane, aged 2.

Christian, who works for a traffic management company, said: “Aylesbury is a very vibrant and culturally diverse town where inspiration can be found everywhere.

I have a love for reading, mostly science fiction and factual pieces. Carl Sagan, Sir Terry Pratchett, H.P. Lovecraft and many more authors can be found on my bookshelf.”

His story follows Meryl Mason, her daughter Robin and friend of the family Burgan Cross who have been taken to the ‘Facility’.

They discover their worst nightmares are real, and then they go missing - and it’s up to Burgan to find them. He discovers the beginning of a dark plot and a shadow government.

The book is available on Amazon.