‘ASBO’ trees making lives of residents a misery in village

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Unhappy residents have their fingers crossed that some ‘antisocial trees’ could soon be removed from near their homes.

Householders in Fishweir, Stewkley got so fed up with nine silver birch trees, that they told parish council officials that they wished to 
use the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003 against the owners of the land because ‘reasonable enjoyment of the properties is being adversely affected by the height of the trees.’

Another gripe is that money-saving solar panels can not be fitted on the properties because the light shining on the properties is obstructed by the trees.

They claim that the trees have been planted so close together forming ‘a hedge’.

Stewkley Parish Council clerk Jeanette Eustace 
has worked hard to get the situation sorted after residents contacted her around 18 months ago.

She discovered that the land was owned by Bucks County Council, but they had not planted the trees.

Jeanette has now lodged a planning application to have the trees removed on behalf of the parish council and 
the residents, and is hopeful that the bid will be approved.

She said: “We find out on May 30th but we are hopeful that it will go through, as long as no one applies for a tree preservation order.

“But the only people that would do that are residents or the parish council, and we put the application in and no 
residents want the trees there.” 
She added: “As it happens the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 
can’t be used, but it shows how desperate residents are to get rid of them.”

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