Artist leaves gifts around Aylesbury

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A local artist has been leaving free art around Aylesbury town centre.

Helen Ward is inspired by the Russian Suprematist movement and is motivated by what art makes both maker and audience feel.

She describes her work as ‘political’ and ‘motivational’ but also tries to inject comedy into her art.

Adopting the values of fellow artist ‘My Dog Sighs’ she regularly participates in his ‘Free Art Friday’ in a bid to make art more accessible to the common 

She said :“Art often excludes people - with big fancy galleries and entry fees.”

Helen also commented that as an artist it can often be hard to find exhibition spaces - giving it out on the streets erases this problem completely.

On Friday, she left her works in spots around Kingsbury, the boarded up Britannia Pub on Buckingham Road and nearby Sainsburys.

Using a mix of watercolours and satirical cartoons, the mixed media artist issues ‘calls to action’ to inspire and make other’s 

Helen has a lot of positive feedback to her free art from fans on social 

She also uses art therapeutically to combat her own anxiety.

Follow Helen’s on Twitter: @welshwand