Arriva blame vehicle breakdowns and 'traffic' for problems with buses in Aylesbury Vale last week

Library image of an Arriva bus
Library image of an Arriva bus

Arriva have blamed vehicle breakdowns and heavy traffic for the problems they experienced with bus services in Aylesbury Vale last week.

This newspaper has received a number of calls from frustrated users who have experienced difficulties with the company's services during the latter part of last week.

One user said she was waiting for an hour for a number 500 bus from Aylesbury to Aston Clinton on Thursday December 13 - normally these buses run every half an hour.

Another user said he had a lengthy wait for a number 150 bus from Aylesbury to Milton Keynes on Friday December 14 - these buses normally run every half an hour.

A third caller said they had to wait for an hour for a number nine bus from the bus station to Stoke Mandeville Hospital on December 14 - these buses normally run every 20 minutes.

An Arriva spokesperson said: “We experienced a number issues across local services last week for reasons beyond our control.

"These included a road closure on Stanborough Road, Hockliffe and severe traffic problems on Oxford Road during peak times.

"With regards to route nine, we endeavoured to curtail services impacted by issues on Oxford Road to ensure wherever possible that journeys were available to take school children and commuters home.

“We did also experience two incidents of vehicle breakdowns.

"Whilst we completely appreciate the frustration that this causes the customers affected, we can only apologise for the inconvenience.

"Our priority continues to be ensuring that those travelling with Arriva get to their final destination safely, and we work diligently to ensure that all our vehicles are regularly checked to ensure they reach legal industry standards.

"However, due to the sheer amount of miles they cover on a day to day basis, they do on occasion experience operational difficulties which can lead to the disruption of our services.

"Whilst this is by no means ideal, our depot staff and drivers are trained to respond swiftly to ensure those on board are able to continue on their journeys as soon as is possible.”

If you were affected due to problems with Arriva's bus services last week please e-mail details of your experience to