Archive: Wendover Road, Aylesbury, in 1905 and 1981

Wendover Road, Aylesbury, 1905
Wendover Road, Aylesbury, 1905
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The picture above shows Wendover Road, Aylesbury, with its junction with Walton Road, taken in about 1905, while below it is pictured in 1981.

While the quality of the 1905 photo isn’t great, the buildings on the right can still be easily identified.

Wendover Road, Aylesbury, 1981

Wendover Road, Aylesbury, 1981

The large house on the right was replaced by offices, which at one time were occupied by Rothmans.

Before New Road (now High Street) was completed in 1826, Walton Street was the only highway leading out of Aylesbury to the south east.

The road to Tring left the Wendover Road between Walton Grove and the pub known as the New Inn (now Broad Leys), passing along Turnfurlong and joining the Tring Road near Broughton Pastures.

A toll-gate which crossed the Wendover Road near its junction with Stoke Road was removed and its toll house demolished in 1878.

The picture belows shows the same road in 1981.

It is certainly a lot more recognisable, although the road markings from the gyratory are not yet present.