Appeal sought over Watermead crematorium

Map showing proposed Watermead crematorium
Map showing proposed Watermead crematorium

Watermead Parish Council is seeking to appeal against a court verdict which paved the way for a new crematorium.

Earlier this month a judicial review of plans to build a crematorium on the Riviera site in Watermead found in favour of the developers.

Parish councillors are now seeking leave to appeal the decision, which ruled that Aylesbury Vale District Council had followed correct procedures when granting planning permission in 2014.

Parish chairman Sue Severn said: “We believe that it is totally wrong to site a crematorium on a flood plain in the middle of an area designated for leisure and in full view of houses.If this goes ahead it will ruin the nature of our village forever. This is not what most people would think of as a brownfield site.

“Aylesbury Vale District Council has ignored both the technical points we have raised and hundreds of letters of objection.We feel we must continue our fight for the sake of our community.”

She made reference to the proposed Bierton crematorium, which is also subject to a judicial review, with a verdict due on March 

She said: “We agree that Aylesbury does not need a second crematorium and would point out that planning permission has already been given twice for the Bierton site which was the first application to be lodged and is not in the midst of the village.”