Apology after late-night noise from Buckingham University ball

The University of Buckingham has apologised after complaints that music from the graduation ball was keeping people awake.
University of Buckingham signUniversity of Buckingham sign
University of Buckingham sign

Students were partying until 6am on Sunday, with the help of Lemar and Bernie Marsden, as they celebrated graduation at the Swan Ball.

Some residents took to Facebook to vent their frustration – although others argued it was a one-off event which they’d been warned about.

Labourer Jim Turner, 42, who lives with his brother, David, in Gawcott Road, phoned the university at 5am.

He said: “I - and many others I am sure - were forced to go to work on Sunday with less than an hour’s sleep, even after requesting the university to turn it down.

“Imagine if I had a sick child? Or was very sick myself? The noise was so bad that it was booming through our house – six streets away.”

The university has apologised for the noise, but has stressed that notice was given to residents, including an advert in this newspaper.

Pro vice-chancellor, Jane Tapsell said: “We apologise to anyone who was disturbed by the noise from this year’s ball.

“We want to encourage our students to celebrate their successes at the graduation ball, but appreciate the music in the marquee may have caused some disturbance.

“We placed an advert in the Buckingham Advertiser to let residents know the ball was taking place on Saturday and turned down the music as a result of a complaint. However, we will look at noise levels and endeavour to do whatever possible to avoid undue disturbance in the future.”

The university said it works with councillors and the police to monitor noise on a regular basis to try to be ‘the best neighbour we can be’.