Antisocial trains causing havoc on Prebendal Farm Estate

Councillor Mike Smith
Councillor Mike Smith

Residents on the Prebendal Farm estate in Aylesbury are being driven mad by diesel engine noise and fumes, from freight train locomotives standing with their engines running for hours, right outside their homes.

The Aylesbury to Calvert freight line, also shared with passenger trains to Aylesbury Vale Parkway, runs just a few metres from hundreds of homes in this area of the town.

The Calvert to Aylesbury transport line that is causing problems

The Calvert to Aylesbury transport line that is causing problems

For the past year or so there seems to have been a huge increase in the number of freight trains stopping on this section of line but not turning off their engines.

Local Councillor for the area, Mike Smith, has got involved and has been talking regularly to Network Rail who manage the line, as well as the four freight companies whose trains take

waste up to the Calvert landfill site.

Cllr Smith said “Despite many phone calls, letters and emails to all these companies, their responses – when I’ve had them at all – have been vague and contradictory.

"There is no clear explanation of why engines need to be left running for such a long time, sometimes several hours."

"Nor why the problem has got so much worse than it used to be, over the last year to 18 months.

"On summer days and evenings, when residents want to open their windows or spend time in the back garden, it’s often impossible due to the noise, the smell of diesel fumes and sometimes the foul smell of the waste itself”.

Prebendal Farm resident Pamela Russell added: “At a time when the environment is at the top of many people’s agenda, it seems extraordinary not only that this is allowed to happen

but also the apparent lack of concern from those responsible”

Another resident of the area, Madeleine Taylor, added “I first raised concerns directly with these companies in 2016, but it seemed to me they had no real interest in the people living

nearby. After the problem got much worse in 2018, I contacted Cllr Mike Smith to help us, I know he’s worked really hard to get it resolved but still these rail companies seem to

consider themselves above the law when it comes to environmental health”