Another 95 homes for Aston Clinton?

Phil Yerby
Phil Yerby

Developers are using the Vale’s current planning free for all to submit blue prints for another 95 homes in Aston Clinton.

Angry residents all had an overview of the plans, by Kier Homes, posted through their letterboxes yesterday.

The site, which is located to east of Green End Street, would boast two, three and four bedroom homes to cater for first time buyers.

Kier said in the letter that ‘benefits and financial contributions will be provided towards areas such as education, transport and open space.’

But councillor for Aston Clinton Phil Yerby, who has long opposed development in the village, said that the latest scheme would be catastrophic for the area.

He said: “The community impact of all these developments means a huge increase within a single year.

“It is totally unsustainable, for example where are all the children going to go to school?

“Everyone in the government is talking about a green economy, but this development is the complete opposite and we will fight it at every single level.

“The council is just letting everything through and thinks that residents are pushover. They need to think again.”

The application for the homes has not yet been submitted.

But it is felt by residents that Kier is taking advantage of the failed Vale of Aylesbury Plan, which would have set out appropriate house numbers and land, but was rejected by the government.

With no plan in place developers are free to put in applications for more open spaces in the Vale, with many being approved.

Mr Yerby added: “The latest plan for 95 houses is completely opportunistic using the government’s terrible national planning policy framework document to get it through.

“We always said that AVDC should have done more to fight Chapel Drive and other applications around the village.”