Annual Friars Club festival mooted to honour Bowie

David StoppsDavid Stopps
David Stopps
The district council has ruled out spending public money on a David Bowie statue '“ but is in talks about the staging of an annual Friars Music Festival in his honour.

It comes after Friars supremo David Stopps met with council bosses over a statue of the singer, who debuted Ziggy Stardust in Aylesbury.

Mr Stopps said the meeting was ‘reasonably positive’ but that the council had concerns over whether a statue was what Bowie’s family wanted.

He is in the process of checking this with the family.

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On Monday Steve Bowles, deputy leader of AVDC, said: “Whilst we are unable to commit any funding to a statue, we have been able to discuss some great events in the town that we can both work towards over the next few years.

“We are very open to working with David on an annual Friars Music festival, where we can dedicate performances to the late singer and fittingly remember him through his music. There are plans to organise commemorative plaques marking the areas in which he performed around the town centre and we’d like to explore the idea of a David Bowie exhibition.

“AVDC feel these are the most appropriate ways to commemorate Bowie’s Aylesbury legacy, in keeping with his wishes and those of his family. The details on the proposed commemoration are still in the early stages of planning and further information will become available in due course.”

Bowie’s ashes were scattered in secret as the star was keen to avoid a public monument which a headstone could have created.

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However, Mr Stopps said: “There’s a statement that’s gone out which says the family don’t want to associate themselves officially with any activities or concerts but they encourage the public to celebrate David’s art in any way they see fit. So that to me would make it fine but it is absolutely right to check.”

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