Anger over taxi parking on estate

A parked taxi causing an obstruction on the Meadowcroft estate
A parked taxi causing an obstruction on the Meadowcroft estate

A resident of an Aylesbury estate has spoken out about a problem that he feels is blighting the area where he lives.

Alan Flynn, who has lived in Meadowcroft since 1969, says that he reckoned just about every fifth house on the estate has a taxi parked outside it, often causing an obstruction.

He said: “This problem has been ongoing for years in front of my house.

“Sometimes I have resorted to boxing them in so they have to come and knock on the door when they want to move.

“I tell them don’t park outside my house.”

Mr Flynn said he believed the problems were partly due to taxi companies not having space to park at their own premises.

He said: “I don’t think anybody (at the council) is checking to see if they have enough off-road parking.

“Taxis parked across corners and on pavements are an obstruction to passers-by on the pavement and a hazard to other road users because of where they are parked.”

An Aylesbury Vale District Council spokesman said the issue of where the vehicles parked fell outside their licensing powers.

Meanwhile, a Bucks County Council spokesman also said they did not have the power to act on the situation.

They recommended calling the Thames Valley Police non-emergency number 101 if any vehicles were causing obstructions.