Anger over ‘secret’ plans for road link between A4010 and A418

Furious: Steven Lambert
Furious: Steven Lambert

‘Secret’ plans to build a road linking the A4010 with the A418 as part of the HS2 scheme have been slammed by a councillor.

It is understood the new road would start at the Terrick roundabout and work its way up past Walton Court and Hawkslade before joining the A418 Oxford Road roundabout with Coldharbour Way.

It would be built originally as a haul road to allow construction vehicles to transport rubble along the track.

However, while many of these construction routes would be grassed back over after the line is built, it is understood that the district council wants it to become a permanent link road.

Lib Dem Steven Lambert, who represents Fairford Leys, says he is furious the district council failed to consult with him or the county council over the proposals which will be presented to MPs on the HS2 Select Committee.

Dubbing them ‘secret plans’, he said: “I didn’t know about that work, neither did the county council. The fact they didn’t talk to anybody shows such a level of arrogance it left me speechless.

“What has angered me the most is that AVDC is promoting this without any traffic or environmental impact statements. And apart from that, it would create the perfect infill space for housing growth.

Mr Lambert, a Liberal Democrat, said the road ‘may or may not be a good idea’ but that AVDC was ‘not the highways agency’.

“The county council now need to do all the modelling on behalf of AVDC,” he added.

He contrasted the district council with the ‘member-led’ county. Both are controlled by the Conservatives.

Tracey Aldworth, a director at AVDC, said: “Both the AVDC HS2 petition and the county council’s HS2 petition contained specific requests that the Stoke Mandeville bypass proposed by HS2 Ltd integrates effectively into the broader network.”

She said this included that the ‘bypass should be extended further, with provision made for links to be provided to the A418 Oxford Road and the A413 Wendover Road, reflecting existing safeguarded road lines’. Discussions included ‘passive provision’ of an underbridge when HS2 Ltd make alterations to raise the Aylesbury to Risborough rail line over the HS2 line in Stoke Mandeville.

“The councils are keen that the HS2 scheme does not preclude future improvement schemes and this has been a long term aspiration of both councils.”

She said a ‘safeguarding route’ for this additional road link has been included in ‘transport plans for the area for many years and it is not therefore a new proposal’.

“Until such time that the road scheme is taken forward, this underpass will remain primarily for private access to farm land and HS2 Ltd’s infrastructure.

“We have been working on the more detailed proposals for the design of these potential future links, including with the landowners, who we are aware are also petitioning on this matter in order that we can present a coherent request to the Select Committee. We haven’t yet reached a conclusion to these discussions but we hope to soon.

“We are in the process of arranging a briefing meeting for local members to review the information we are planning to present to the Select Committee based on the authorities’ petitions.